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Side by side with the interpretative work

Creative research

Opera as Encounter

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Started in 2019 as part of her Vocal Master's degree at the Royal Academy of Music, this long-term creative research walks through the opera choreographed possibilities.

Océane works on it in collaboration with international perfomers and composers. It gathers, indeed, different creations within the project structure.

Last news: Blind spots, created at Camerata, Musiikkitalo Helsinki, February 2022 (VIDEO HERE)


Rhétorique du sauvage

Between its magicians, its outraged characters, its immortal relationship to love and faith,  the vocal world of baroque music oozes the wild part of the Human being through the golden age of rethorical art.


This concert offers a deeply contrasting immersion into the territory. Every rethorical tool will be there to celebrate the indomitable part of Humanity.

Gesture included...

Last news : creation at Embaroquement immédiat Festival on May 14th, 2022. Now in diffusion for programming.

Festival Embaroquement immédiat VIDEO HERE.

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Team : Ensemble of 4 musicians & 1 singer

Gabrielle Resche (harpsichord) ; Cibeles Bullon Muñoz & Alexandre Garnier (violins) ; Suzanne Wolf (cello)

Océane Deweirder (singing and recitation)


Singing-dancing short-movie 


Co-creation with director Mathias Bracho-Lapeyre. 

Inspired by John Cage's Aria, this short movie aims to relate in a common breath the theatrical dimension of nature, the voice and the movement. 

Last news: available for programming

To watch, please request LINK HERE.

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